About Us

Hans Fransen Founder Mourn & Grief Foundation

Things can happen to people in life e.g. the death of a next of kin, a child, a divorce, a terminal decease, the loss of a job.

Our customer’s personal loss can hardly be imagined, other than by those who have been there already and are willing to share their lessons learned and showing that there is a light at the end at the tunnel. Our approach therefor is aimed to help people in a very practical way. It is aimed to help people change their line of thinking, help them expanding their capabilities, help them broaden their scope into the unexpected, help them opening new horizons, help them create new opportunities, help them in coping with their loss.

In the Netherlands a “Stichting Jouw Rouwverwerking” (The Foundation) was established at 3 December 2013. The Foundation works outside the Netherlands under the name “Mourn & Grief Foundation.” The by-laws define the objectives of the Foundation as follows:

  1. To offer assistance to people and to support people who lose or have lost someone.
  2. To provide or carry out any activities related to the previous in the broadest sense or can contribute to this.

The Foundation will try to satisfy these objectives by:

  1. Providing support, or support in the process of grief, or talking or discussing about grief.
  2. Giving workshops, lectures and presentations.
  3. Doing publications and research, giving guidance and training (coaching).
  4. Giving mail support and giving advice and providing a listening ear through a call center.

When exercising its activities and pursuing its objectives The Foundation should have a non-profit making aim.

Those who are interested in the by-laws (PDF file) of the Foundation can make a request with motivation by using the form below. The Foundation’s by-laws will only be available in the Dutch language.

CC Number: 853447913 (Chamber of Commerce The Hague, The Netherlands)

Hans Fransen