(28) A New Beginning

A new beginning. What do you mean with, a new beginning?


A new beginning in the sense that the Mourn & Grief Foundation has a new Board. Although I am the founder, the chairman and only member of the Board from the launch of the foundation, I cannot call this a new Board. So, is not a “new” Board, but today it’s a complete Board that is able to carry out the responsibilities properly.

Secretary and Treasurer are known functions that are available in each Board. Both functions are fulfilled where the position of the Treasurer is temporarily combined with another function in the Board.

The less familiar functions in the Board are:

  • Marketing. A function that positions the Foundation within its markets and seeks cooperation with 3rd Parties.
  • Professional Development. A position that integrates and develops existing knowledge and experience within the landscape of grief. A position that extends boundaries and capabilities within the field of loss and grief and everything that is connected with it.
  • Events. A position that organizes workshops, special events and symposia.
  • Volunteers. A position that maintains a network of volunteers who are willing to work with and willing to support the Foundation in with respect to workshops and customers.
  • Sponsoring. A position that is seeking for 3rd Parties that I willing to finance or sponsor the Foundation.
  • Communication. A position that ensures that all communication and publications from the Foundation to its markets, her network organizations and her customers are expressed in a professional manner.
  • Legal. A position that ensures that the Foundation can make use of all benefits that are available under existing laws and regulations, both nationally and internationally

In the Dutch version of the site, see page “Bestuursleden”, the Members of the Board are introduced.


A new beginning in the sense that the preparations for the first workshop have been started. Everybody who has earlier registered on the site and has indicated that she or he is interested in attending a workshop, has been approached.

In the case you have indicated your interest earlier and you didn’t receive an email from us then please contact us through the contact form on this site.


A new beginning in the form of the new relation. Eventually, you are ready to process your grief and you meet somebody else. Even though you are not constantly seeking for a new relation, you are open for it. And when it is finally the day you say to the other person for the first time “I love you”… then you get this feeling as… what’s this, didn’t I tell this to my previous dearest? Even though, when you have agreed to do so with your previous companion that the one who will live longest should look for a new companion, it feels weird in the beginning.

I used to know, and we discussed that regularly together, that a human being can love more person than one. But when doing so, I had to take a few emotional hurdles before I could accept this in reality. Now it feels good and okay. It’s now also the homecoming again. To have fun together, to do things together and together to be a team again.

I have also learned and experienced that you can really love more than one person. I now realize that the heart is so big, maybe even huge, that it makes this possible and that “loving” has many forms and meanings. The person I love and is closest to me should always be the one where I drop my anchor. For me personally, I expect most of us, it is the only condition where you get your rest and peace again and you are able to recharge. Then, and only then, I can keep doing the things that are important in life.

Author: Hans Fransen

Founder of the Mourn & Grief Foundation

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